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Adding Colour in Illustrator

Adding colour to an Illustrator shape or curve is pretty easy, there are quite a few variations on this and these tutorials should cover most of them.

Firstly we need a shape, for this tutorial, I am going to use the 'Rectangle tool'. Select the rectangle tool from the main tools menu, click with the mouse on to the new document and drag, now you can see how big the rectangle will be. This shape can be altered at anytime by clicking on one of the corners, an dragging.
Illustrator box
Now select the 'selection tool' selection tool from the tools menu (or press V on your keyboard) and click and drag over the rectangle shape to select it, it should now be highlighted as shown above.

Now the shape is highlighted we can select some colours for it. There are two basic ways of colouring an object, from the bottom of the main tools menu, you will see two sets of squares, these can be toggled by pressing the X on your keyboard. One of these as shown below is for the fill of an object, and the other is for the stroke (outer line).
Fill colour Stroke Colour
Fill colour Stroke Colour

Select the fill and now click on a colour from the swatches menu, this will fill your chosen shape, next add a coloured stroke to the shape, press X and again select a colour from the swatches menu.

Illustrator CS allows you to choose colours in the same way as Photoshop, double click on the stroke or fill box, and a colour picker palate will appear, then select the colour you need from there.

You can also pick a colour from the 'colours palate' as seen below, select the shape you want to colour and using the illustrator 'Eyedropper tool' you can then sample a colour to use. If you select 'Show options' (click on the small arrow in the circle) you can then alter the colour using the sliding colour bars.

colour menu
Also check out the using Gradients in Illustrator tutorial for more illustrator colouring options.
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