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Aligning Illustrator objects

Here's an overview of the Illustrator align palate (shift + F7) , this is very handy tool and excellent for moving and aligning multiple illustrator objects together. Below I have highlighted and numbered the different options available.
Align panel

1. Align the objects to the left.
2. Align the objects to the vertical center.
3. Align objects to the right.
4. Align to the top.
5. Align to the horizontal center.
6. Align to the bottom.

To align objects in Illustrator, select the objects using the 'selection tool' selection tool by either clicking on them one by one, holding down the shift key, or by click and dragging the mouse over the objects you want aligned. When the objects are selected you can use a variety of alignments e.g. if you clicked number 1 and then number 5 it would align to the left and them align the objects to the horizontal center.

Below is a quick example of some options available.

random shapes Random objects of different sizes.
vertical aligned All the objects selected together and number 2 on the align panel selected.

'Align the objects to the vertical center'
center aligned Again all the objects selected, and number 5 clicked on.

'Align to the horizontal center'
The best thing to do is to select several objects and play around with the settings available, note you can align anything in Illustrator, including text boxes and images.
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