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Rotating Objects in Illustrator

There are several ways of rotating an object in Adobe Illustrator, the first which is the easiest is to select the object you want to rotate with the selection tool from the main tools panel selection tool so its highlighted, then select the rotate tool again from the tools main panel rotate tool and drag the mouse up and down on the document to see the selection rotate (you can also hold the shift key down to jump to key angles e.g. 45, 90 and 180 degrees). The default setting for rotating an object is for illustrator to plot the rotation from the center of the selected object.

You can also rotate an object numerically, again select the object and click the rotate button from the tools panel, then press enter on your keyboard, this will bring up a panel where you can enter the rotation amount, there's also a preview box which you can tick to see how the object will look when rotated. This way is handy if you know you want to turn the object 90, 45, or 180 degrees.
rotation panel
To move the rotation point away from the center of the object, select the rotation tool and click on the canvas while holding down the 'Alt' key on the keyboard, again the rotate panel will appear. You can also copy the selection which will rotate and copy the original artwork, if you press Ctrl and D this will duplicate the copied image and rotation of it, pretty good way of making pattern as seen below. Moving the rotation point

rotated circles

A good example of this rotation technique can be found in the creating a cog Illustrator tutorial
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