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Illustrator - Adding text on a curve

For this Illustrator Tutorial we will be adding text to a circle although you can add text in the same way to any path or vector shape.

Select the 'Elipse tool' Elipse tool from the main tools menu, then click and drag to create a circle on the new document, as I've mentioned before if you press the shift key while creating the circle it will constrain the circle making the height and width exactly the same size.

Now we have the circle drawn we need to select the 'type on a path tool' again from the tools menu as highlighted below.
text tool
Then we click the text tool on the path (outer line of the circle), if the circle had a stroke, this should now disappear and a flashing line will appear as seen below.
text on a curve

Next type in the words you want round the curve, while the text is selected you can choose fonts and different text sizes. Now the text is added you can position the text by dragging the text bar with the selection tool selection tool as highlighted below. I usually drag a guide on to the document so I can see when the text is level. To do this press 'Ctrl + R' this shows rulers round the document, then with the selection tool, click on the ruler and drag a guide to where you want it.

rotating text
Below is the final positioned text and guide, as you can see I have positioned the text so it just touches the guide on the left and the right.
text and guide
Click here to see how to invert the text on a curve or path. You can also add text to a path created using the pen tool, this follows pretty much the same rules as the above tutorial.
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