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18th August

After the success of the Photoshop Brushes site, I have recently launched the Photoshop Textures site, been using some of these on projects and decided a new site would be a good way of sharing them with other designers and artists round the world.

It will also give me the chance to design some more as time goes on. I'm also adding a Illustrator tutorials section to the site to show some tips on using Adobe Illustrator. The Tutorials section features a range of tutorials of different skill levels. Including tutorials on loading Illustrator brushes, saving them and tips on using and creating them.

26th Aug

I'm sending the new site live, even though it could do with more brush sets, but it will push me to get more work and tutorials added. Using some of my new illustrator designs on the Free powerpoint pages website, feedback so far is good.

13th Sept

Just added two new illustrator brush sets to the illustrator scatter brush section, featuring a wasp and Ant.

15th Sept

Just finished the making a cog tutorial, which is quite handy for learning rotation techniques in Illustrator and the using gradients in illustrator tutorial.

6th January

Just added creating a Starburst Effect tutorial for the guys at Flash Kit. Not had much time recently to add work to this site, as I've been building the Free Coloring site for my daughter. Will be adding some new work to this site very soon.

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