The Most Common Ways Of Cheating In Casinos!

Gambling is one of the popular forms of making money. Casinos are the ultimate places for people to gamble, place bets, have fun, and make money. But, there are some ways of cheating in casinos. People tend to find shortcuts for making money and cheating in casinos is also one of the ways to make money in the wrong way. However, with the improvement of technology, cheating is relatively harder to pull off. With cameras on every table and expert machines, cheating has come to a down level. However, let us introduce you to some of the standard cheating techniques that cheaters use to make money quickly!


  • “Slot machine Bill validator device” Ft. Slot machines

As slot machines have improved technologically, cheating is quite impossible. Back in the old days, in the old coin slot machines, cheaters used a trick of attaching a piece of string to a coin along with a paper clip in the end, to avoid it from falling into the hopper. On the other hand, the modern way to cheat on slot machines would be involving a small computer device tricking the bill validator. Anyways, casinos have caught cheaters red-handed, and eventually, this scam has decreased compared to back then. So, the only way for a cheater to cheat upon slot machines could be using a device that is not upgraded at all!

  • “Dice Slide” Ft. Craps

Dice slide is a cheating trick used while playing craps. In this trick played at the dice game, cheaters try controlling a die so that the bouncing one would get more attention rather than the other one. Cheaters can also perform a sleight-of-hand technique to spin the dice resulting in it becoming more stable when slid. This will also add to the deception’s element. However, this trick is not a frequently employed scam, but it can be a big payday for cheaters who succeed!

cheating trick

  • “Roulette colour up” Ft. Roulette

This cheating trick would involve two players. The first player purchases a specific colour of roulette chips costing $1 for each. They would slip some of the roulette chips into their pockets. Then, the first player passes the chips to an accomplice and hides them in their pockets. They would return to the same table they were seated before and buy the exact colour chips costing $25 for each chip. This is one of the most common scams noticed in casinos while playing roulette!

  • “Marking cards” Ft. Card games

Marking cards is one of the oldest and most common ways to cheat at casinos. There are many ways to mark cards, such as denting the card with a chip, infrared markings, bending the corner, or using a razor to remove some ink on the card!

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