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Welcome to the Illustrator Brushes website, I have set up this site after the success of the Photoshop Brushes site.

This new Free Illustrator brushes site features a large selection of my Illustrator Tutorials on using Illustrator brushes, creating them as well as a large selection of tutorials on the basics of using Adobe Illustrator. Hope you find the site useful.

As with the Photoshop Brushes site, this will be an ongoing project, with new work being added as time goes on.

Currently I'm sharing my time on the new Textures site and updating the Powerpoint pages site, I will be linking in several illustrator brushes which are themed from these other sites in the near future.

pattern circlesThe illustrator website also features 51 Illustrator brushes for free download, with a selection of illustrator scatter brushes, pattern and art brushes.

To see the latest details on what has been added to the site, check out the news page.

All the Illustrator brushes featured on this site are created in Adobe Illustrator 8 and will work in all later versions of Illustrator including Illustrator CS.
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