Why Card Counting Can Easily Go Wrong

One of the most commonly cited methods for guaranteed winning at the casino is card counting. This trick, shown as the best way to outsmart the system in casino films like 21, Rain Man, and Hangover, is actually a double-edged sword. All that glitters is not gold!

What Is Meant By “Card Counting”?

Card counting is a strategy for predicting what the dealer’s next hand will look like and is typically used in blackjack games.

Simply put, card counting means keeping an eye on certain cards as you play. This allows the player to optimize his bets by predicting the outcome of certain values ​​depending on which cards have already been shown.

While card counting has been portrayed as a rather glamorous practice in movies and entertainment culture, this article will attempt to dispel some of the myths behind this strategy.

Here are the top five reasons why card counting is a waste of time for most of us!

Card counting – easier said than done!

It Is Extremely Difficult

Counting cards requires a lot of practice, patience, and a certain amount of luck. There are a large number of variations to remember and rules to memorize in order to take full advantage of this technique. Not to mention that you have to be able to memorize a total of around 250 different moves.

You not only have to be able to count as the deck decreases, but you also have to divide various fractions in your head in order to get the information you want. To do this, you have to consider all aspects of the game in order to know when a change of strategy might be necessary. You only have limited time for this whole thing, because you can’t slow down the game unnecessarily … Is that a lot of work? It’s a lot of work!

The Casino Is Often Smarter Than You Are

Casinos know every possible trick their players are willing to try and card counting is no exception. Remember that a casino is a stand-alone business whose goal is to make a profit just like any other business. This is why casinos are always on the lookout for those who try to outsmart the system.

In fact, a few rules or tricks that the casino imposes are enough to make the card counting strategy completely unusable. One of the most common rules is to use multiple decks of cards. Even if you can learn this technique to perfection, you will surely encounter many difficulties in implementing it in the casino.

No Profit Guarantee

What good is a strategy if it doesn’t bring you a few extra brands? The sad truth, far from film fiction, is that card counting, no matter how skilled you are, is still a probability-based technique.

Let’s say that with 10 cards remaining in the deck, you know the value of all of those cards. At the time the cards are issued, fate can change from day to night, depending on which of these 10 cards you receive. Therefore, card counting is not a short-term tactic. Huge sums of money have to be invested in order for this technique to bear fruit, and even then there is no certainty that it will work.

It Spoils The Game

We would advise our readers against playing blackjack for any reason other than for pleasure. The concentration imposed by this strategy would certainly distract one from the actual fun of the game.

The game should always be viewed as a pastime and never as an opportunity to make money.

It’s Not Worth The Risk

Card counting is by no means a new phenomenon and casinos have a lot of experience in finding card counters. If you are suspected of counting cards, it is possible that the casino is likely to keep an extra eye on you. If you get caught, you may even be banned from the casino. Card counting is not a crime, but casinos are free to choose which players to let in and which not.

Our recommendation is that you shouldn’t set out to make a profit at the casino. Statistically, the house always has a certain advantage. It’s more about enjoying the experience and relaxing a little while playing cards!

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